Flexible Sanding Pads -  Fine, Super Fine and Ultra Fine
Flexible Sanding Pads -  Fine, Super Fine and Ultra Fine

Flexible Sanding Pads - Fine, Super Fine and Ultra Fine

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The flexible soft sanding sponges incorporate a dense foam structure and a full, even coating of either aluminum oxide or silicon carbide grains. This makes for an extremely long-lasting pad that is very flexible for finish-sanding of contoured parts and profiles.

This thin "PAD" is best for more severe contours and smaller radius'. The foam is very soft and forgiving making it perfect for moulding, narrow edges and smaller turned parts. Because of it's size, this pad fits perfectly in your hand. So, when you need that special soft touch on a flat surface, need to sand into severe profiles or need to complete a project that is curved or shaped in some way, be sure you have some of each of these BLOCKS and PADS on hand - you won't be disappointed. In fact, you'll be glad you've got them!

While using these PADS, remember that if you keep them "clean" they will last longer. So, occasionally bang the block on your hand or your workbench and knock the wood particles out. If you keep this up, you'll think these things never wear out. If it gets to the point where you think the block is clogged beyond further use, head to the sink and wash it out. It'll be almost like new again! 

Softback Sanding Sponge. Size 114mm x 140mm x 47mm (4½' x 5½' x 3/16'). As per USA standards :

Fine is 100 Grit

Super FIne is 180 Grit

Ultra Fine is 220 Grit

Use softback flexible sanding sponges! They fit on standard palm sanders, are very flexible, easy to clean (rinse with water), and last a long time. The Fine Sanding Sponge is more abrasive and ideal for distressing.